Fit to Flick

It's a common fashion mishap. A fashionable gal (like, say, Anne Hathaway) wants to look cute in
cold weather, but her hair is a mess and it's absolutely freezing
outside. She puts her hair in a ponytail and dons a beanie, doing the
best she can to make the beanie accommodate the ponytail. The result is
a ridiculous profile and a hat that doesn't cover her ears. With so
few fashionable ponytail hats to choose from, our poor fashionista has
no choice but to accept this fashion disaster.

This is where saves the day. We at have
created a line of ponytail hats that not only accommodate a ponytail
and keep the wearer warm, but also are undeniably stylish! Our
patent-pending slit at the back of the hat allows for significant
ponytail height variation and becomes invisible on the days the wearer
would like to keep her hair down. For a fashion solution that embodies
both fashion and function, try a hand-knit ponytail hat!

While traveling through Italy on a wintry visit with my boyfriend, I 
 got sick of taking off my beanie for every photo in an attempt to look
decent in photographs. With a ponytail in my hair and the beanie
on,the hat didn't cover my ears properly, my silhouette looked like an
alien's, and my hair was a disaster when I took the hat off for
photos. Needless to say it was a rather cold and unphotogenic trip.
Enter . The company began as a school project for a class
I was taking at NYU's Stern School of Business in the spring of 2011.
After a semester of many design ideas and conversations with people in 
 the industry, I created a line of headwear that looks chic with or
without a ponytail. hats are crafted with a slit at the
back that allows for significant ponytail height variation and is
virtually invisible when there is no ponytail to flick. I am always
interested in comments and suggestions as continues to